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Here is the link to an incredible news story about my 4k for cancer journey!!


Tomorrow is Baltimore!!






We have finally made it to Maryland, our last state across the nation!!
It would not be a true 4k trip if we did not have once last crazy event before the finish! Yesterday we were driving to our host in Hancock,Maryland when poor van 2 had a gas and oil leak on the highway. We pulled over and called 911, the police and fire department showed up and cleaned up the gas and towed away our poor van! One day away from the finish and we are down one van! Oh well, tomorrow is Baltimore and we are lucky that it happened on day 41 and not day 12! I can’t really describe how I am feeling right now! I am so excited to go home and see my family and all of my friends but with that I lose the 26 friends that I have just spent all summer with and that is going to be so hard! These are the people that I have slept next to each and every night, the people that I have ran up mountains,through desserts and begged for food with. But most importantly these are the people I have laughed and shared one of the greatest achievements of my life with.
Tomorrow is going to be incredibly bittersweet but I cannot wait to cross that finish line!








One week One week




Hi everyone!
I am now officially one week away from completing this run across America! I will be finishing on top of federal hill on July 26th! Since we left Kansas we have ran through Emma and St.Louis Missouri. We also ran through Effingham Illinois and Evansville Indiana. Now we are in the lovely Lexington Kentucky! While we were in St.Louis Missouri we were able to have our first hospital visit to hand out chemo care bags and visit with patients. That is where our team met Joey an adorable 5 year old boy who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. (See pic above) Despite his treatment Joey was all smiles and ready to play with each and everyone of us in the room! His favorite game was hitting Sarah in the head with his soccer ball… Typical boy ha! That night the team was given the opportunity to go and visit the gateway to the west arch in downtown Missouri. It was absolutely gorgeous to see as the sun was setting over St.louis! Another big part of that night was seeing the cardinals baseball stadium! It was so cool to see and I may just have to come back to see a game there! On the way to Illinois from St.louis we were not able to run on the roads because they were too unsafe. So instead we found a gorgeous trail to do our 13 miles for the day! (See pics below) It was a nice change of pace in comparison to the shoulder of a road!When we made it to Evansville Indiana we were greeted by one of the best hosts we have ever had! They made us a delicious homemade pasta meal and they got a giant bag of movie theatre pop corn donated for us! I was in heaven! Our hosts called the local Indiana news station and they ran our first few miles with us! It is hosts like those who truly make us feel at home! That day we found a beautiful lake on our run so my partner Patty and I jumped right in! It was so nice to cool off I didn’t even care that I had to run the rest of my miles in wet clothes! Last night while in Louisville Kentucky a few of my teammates and I went to see country singer Cole Swindell at a free show on fourth street! It was one of the best nights on the trip! We danced and sang every song till late into the night! That 4:45am wake up was brutal this morning but it was sooo worth it! I know that those will be the nights I remember most with my teammates! Tonight I am in Lexington Kentucky and staying at a Hope Lodge for families affected by cancer! I am one week away from running into Baltimore and completing this coast to coast run! I am almost done everyone!!Can’t even believe it!
I love and miss you all!

















Well it’s kind of a funny story…




Hi Everyone!
We have now made it through both Nebraska and Kansas! We have also safely arrived in Emma, Missouri tonight! I have had quite a few funny incidents happen this week that I thought I would take the time to share with you!
When we arrived in the very Very VERY small town of Arapahoe Nebraska the other day a few of my teammates and I desperately needed to do laundry. Your duffle bag begins to smell if you don’t stay on top of it. (In case anyone was wondering ha) We google mapped a laundry mat that was around the corner from the church where we were staying. For a town with nothing in it we were very thankful for it to be so close. We walked in and it seemed a bit sketchy but what can you expect from a laundry mat in Nebraska. The owner of the place was incredibly bizarre looking, appeared almost crazy but we stayed as a group as we waited for our laundry. The next thing we know we see two cop cars pull up to the laundry mat and are speaking with the owner outside. However, one cop was laughing and I couldn’t understand why. At this point our laundry is almost done and all of us are becoming nervous so we end our drying cycles early to book it out of there. As we begin to head out of the laundry mat the owner pulls aside my teammate Kelsi to tell her that he called the cops on us because he thought that we were little girls who had run away from home and were in trouble! When the cops came inside, they clearly saw we were adults and left! Only in Nebraska!

Then…. the next day we arrive in Lawrence, Kansas, a small town but much bigger than Arapahoe. It was a very cute town with lots of shops and restaurants. We were so thankful to have a teammates parent donate dinner to us that night so we headed to the restaurant to pick it up. As we approached the cross walk we looked both ways and when it was clear we walked to the other side. As we continue down the street a cop flips on his lights and pulls us over as pedestrians! He got out of his car and told us that it is illegal to cross in a cross walk without the little man even if it is clear! He threatened to give us a 150 dollar fine but he didn’t! I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing as we apologized! Nebraska and Kansas cops clearly have too much time on their hands! I don’t know what it is about this trip but we have had so many strange incidents! I hope you got just as much of a laugh out of those stories as I did!
Tonight I am in Emma, Missouri staying at a local church and tomorrow I will be in Columbus Missouri! We are on day 28!! The final homestretch I cannot wait for the finish in Baltimore! So close to real food, a bed and a shower!!
Love and miss you all!






Sometimes you just have to laugh



Hi Everyone!
Two days ago we ran from Boulder,Co to Yuma Colorado which was a day filled with unexpected events. Leaving Boulder was so hard because it was such a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. We got so spoiled by the gorgeous views in both Wyoming and boulder that seeing corn fields again was a slight disappointment. It was a 13 mile day for everyone and we had made it through our first leg of miles before realizing that our vans tire had popped. Who knows how long we had been driving on a flat tire but the tire was pretty damaged. We were lucky to have 2 people in our van who were familiar with how to fix a flat tire and replaced it with a donut. However, it took an hour to put on the donut and then another hour to find a tire place that was open on the Sunday of 4th July weekend. We all gathered back into the van and drove back to boulder where we found a local firestone to fix the flat tire. They graciously donated there services and fixed our tire for free within an hour and we were on our way. The only downside was that it was now noon and it was 98 degrees in Colorado and we still had 10 more miles to run. However, we continued on with our next leg of miles until we noticed that the roads were now becoming unsafe. The shoulders were very narrow and cars were zipping by us.Our leader made the decision for all of us to get back into the vans and head to the host family and finish our miles in the neighborhood. As we are heading into Yuma, Colorado we drive through a very small place called Washington county where two lovely police officers pulled not one of our vans but both of them over. We pulled to the side of the road and explained what we were doing and that we didn’t see the 25 mph sign and that we were sorry for going 30 mph, after a long while of running our plates he let us go with a warning.
At this point it is 3 pm in the afternoon and we arrive at our host family to complete our mileage for the day and we began laughing at the ridiculous amount of obstacles that we had just faced. There really was nowhere to run in this small town of Yuma so we ended up doing laps around a cemetery down the street. As I am running, I am laughing at the fact that I am using a cemetery as a make shift track, but continue moving forward.
When we begin to run back to the church we notice a huge flock of bikers ride by us in all 4K gear. They smiled and cheered as they biked by and I realized that one of the cycle teams was staying in Yuma too! Not only were they passing through but they were staying the night at the same host as us. This church took on 65 of us… God bless them!
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet another 4k team and hear about there journey while eating a home cooked meal by the pastor of the church.
Even though it was a crazy day it was a good ending.
Then there was day 23 running from Yuma Colorado to Arapahoe, Nebraska, another crazy day. Once again the roads were unsafe so we had to try and find an alternate route to run. We had found these dirt back country roads that looked like the perfect option until we began to run on them for a half mile and found the entire road filled with mud. We were slipping and sliding everywhere. Since we could barely walk in the mud much less run our van got stuck in this giant mud pit. It was the thickest and heaviest mud I have ever experienced. We honestly just began laughing and taking pictures as we tried every way possible to push this 15 passenger van through a mud pit without having it fall into the ditch on either side of the road. We ended up pulling hay from the hayfield down the road and putting it down as traction to get the wheels moving and it was a success!!
Our team has gone through some crazy struggles but we end up laughing and creating some pretty great memories!
Tomorrow we head to Lawrence Kansas!!

Love and miss you all!!





From Sea to Shining Sea



This year was a very special 4th of July for me and my teammates! Being given the opportunity to put our sneakers into the soil of each state across the entire nation is an experience you will never forget. Seeing the purple covered mountain tops and wild horses grazing in the amber waves of grain truly makes you understand why it is called America the Beautiful! I have become a more patriotic person after seeing only half of the nation so far. We are so lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!

On this day I dedicated my run to Elizabeth Cordier a wonderful woman who looks down on both her beautiful granddaughter and me every single day! She was on my mind the entire 145 mile journey into Boulder Colorado on the 4th of July!

Before we made it into boulder Colorado for the 4th of July we were in Rawlins Wyoming where we were able to get an up close and personal view of the one and only Rocky Mountains. (See pic below) One of our teammates is from California and he has never seen snow before! So after we completed our miles for that day we pulled over at one of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains and played in the snow covered mountain top! As a team we had a snow ball fight…which may have ended when we accidentally hit a car driving by… Oops, made snow angels and even built a tiny snow man all while wearing running shorts! It was quite the experience but we had to make our teammates first time in the snow memorable!
We also visited the castle at the highest point of the Rocky Mountains which was completely stunning and took my breath away!

Last night for the 4th of July, a teammates family generously donated a catered BBQ meal in a park for us, it was delicious! Afterwards, a few of my teammates and I climbed up to the top of a parking garage to watch the fireworks after getting Ben&Jerrys ice cream! The fireworks were beautiful with the mountains in the background. It was the perfect way to celebrate our nations independence!

Today is also a very special day because I am halfway across America! We have reached 2,000 miles and are at day 21 of 42! Getting closer everyone!!









Almost there!

Good morning!
This morning I am very thankful to be staying in a church in Rawlins, Wy! We were able to sleep in the pews which were so comfortable compared to the floor. It took sleeping in church to a whole new level. The pastor of this church is so wonderful and made us a homemade dinner last night and he woke up early this morning to make us a delicious breakfast. We are one day away from reaching the halfway point of our trip and we have already ran just under 2,000 miles! Personally I have been running on average 70 miles a week. I thank god everyday for keeping my body and my teammates healthy throughout this journey and I am happy to say that the worst I have experienced is some slight soreness. Today we will be running to one last stop in Wyoming before we hit Boulder, Co tomorrow for the 4th of July! The team has some great plans for tomorrow in Colorado so I will be sure to share the stories with you tomorrow night!
I love and miss you all!