Tomorrow is Baltimore!!






We have finally made it to Maryland, our last state across the nation!!
It would not be a true 4k trip if we did not have once last crazy event before the finish! Yesterday we were driving to our host in Hancock,Maryland when poor van 2 had a gas and oil leak on the highway. We pulled over and called 911, the police and fire department showed up and cleaned up the gas and towed away our poor van! One day away from the finish and we are down one van! Oh well, tomorrow is Baltimore and we are lucky that it happened on day 41 and not day 12! I can’t really describe how I am feeling right now! I am so excited to go home and see my family and all of my friends but with that I lose the 26 friends that I have just spent all summer with and that is going to be so hard! These are the people that I have slept next to each and every night, the people that I have ran up mountains,through desserts and begged for food with. But most importantly these are the people I have laughed and shared one of the greatest achievements of my life with.
Tomorrow is going to be incredibly bittersweet but I cannot wait to cross that finish line!









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