One week One week




Hi everyone!
I am now officially one week away from completing this run across America! I will be finishing on top of federal hill on July 26th! Since we left Kansas we have ran through Emma and St.Louis Missouri. We also ran through Effingham Illinois and Evansville Indiana. Now we are in the lovely Lexington Kentucky! While we were in St.Louis Missouri we were able to have our first hospital visit to hand out chemo care bags and visit with patients. That is where our team met Joey an adorable 5 year old boy who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. (See pic above) Despite his treatment Joey was all smiles and ready to play with each and everyone of us in the room! His favorite game was hitting Sarah in the head with his soccer ball… Typical boy ha! That night the team was given the opportunity to go and visit the gateway to the west arch in downtown Missouri. It was absolutely gorgeous to see as the sun was setting over St.louis! Another big part of that night was seeing the cardinals baseball stadium! It was so cool to see and I may just have to come back to see a game there! On the way to Illinois from St.louis we were not able to run on the roads because they were too unsafe. So instead we found a gorgeous trail to do our 13 miles for the day! (See pics below) It was a nice change of pace in comparison to the shoulder of a road!When we made it to Evansville Indiana we were greeted by one of the best hosts we have ever had! They made us a delicious homemade pasta meal and they got a giant bag of movie theatre pop corn donated for us! I was in heaven! Our hosts called the local Indiana news station and they ran our first few miles with us! It is hosts like those who truly make us feel at home! That day we found a beautiful lake on our run so my partner Patty and I jumped right in! It was so nice to cool off I didn’t even care that I had to run the rest of my miles in wet clothes! Last night while in Louisville Kentucky a few of my teammates and I went to see country singer Cole Swindell at a free show on fourth street! It was one of the best nights on the trip! We danced and sang every song till late into the night! That 4:45am wake up was brutal this morning but it was sooo worth it! I know that those will be the nights I remember most with my teammates! Tonight I am in Lexington Kentucky and staying at a Hope Lodge for families affected by cancer! I am one week away from running into Baltimore and completing this coast to coast run! I am almost done everyone!!Can’t even believe it!
I love and miss you all!


















2 thoughts on “One week One week

  1. Can’t believe your mom told me today you are in Ohio!!! So close!!! It’s nice to hear when you have such great host homes! Free concerts aren’t bad either! Enjoy your last week!! Love you!!! Mrs. Iris

  2. I just read this on the 25th and to think tomorrow is your last day!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost over for you. I know you’ll be glad to get back home and in your own bed. Glad you had great hosts along the way and I know you’ll always remember them. Praise GOD that he’s been with all of you through your journey and you’ll be back home safe and sound. Love reading your blogs and glad this last one you didn’t have any misfortunes. Love you, Aunt Debbie

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