Well it’s kind of a funny story…




Hi Everyone!
We have now made it through both Nebraska and Kansas! We have also safely arrived in Emma, Missouri tonight! I have had quite a few funny incidents happen this week that I thought I would take the time to share with you!
When we arrived in the very Very VERY small town of Arapahoe Nebraska the other day a few of my teammates and I desperately needed to do laundry. Your duffle bag begins to smell if you don’t stay on top of it. (In case anyone was wondering ha) We google mapped a laundry mat that was around the corner from the church where we were staying. For a town with nothing in it we were very thankful for it to be so close. We walked in and it seemed a bit sketchy but what can you expect from a laundry mat in Nebraska. The owner of the place was incredibly bizarre looking, appeared almost crazy but we stayed as a group as we waited for our laundry. The next thing we know we see two cop cars pull up to the laundry mat and are speaking with the owner outside. However, one cop was laughing and I couldn’t understand why. At this point our laundry is almost done and all of us are becoming nervous so we end our drying cycles early to book it out of there. As we begin to head out of the laundry mat the owner pulls aside my teammate Kelsi to tell her that he called the cops on us because he thought that we were little girls who had run away from home and were in trouble! When the cops came inside, they clearly saw we were adults and left! Only in Nebraska!

Then…. the next day we arrive in Lawrence, Kansas, a small town but much bigger than Arapahoe. It was a very cute town with lots of shops and restaurants. We were so thankful to have a teammates parent donate dinner to us that night so we headed to the restaurant to pick it up. As we approached the cross walk we looked both ways and when it was clear we walked to the other side. As we continue down the street a cop flips on his lights and pulls us over as pedestrians! He got out of his car and told us that it is illegal to cross in a cross walk without the little man even if it is clear! He threatened to give us a 150 dollar fine but he didn’t! I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing as we apologized! Nebraska and Kansas cops clearly have too much time on their hands! I don’t know what it is about this trip but we have had so many strange incidents! I hope you got just as much of a laugh out of those stories as I did!
Tonight I am in Emma, Missouri staying at a local church and tomorrow I will be in Columbus Missouri! We are on day 28!! The final homestretch I cannot wait for the finish in Baltimore! So close to real food, a bed and a shower!!
Love and miss you all!







One thought on “Well it’s kind of a funny story…

  1. Haven’t been able to follow you since we were in Jamaica, but glad I’m back up to speed! I never pictured you as the outlaw type but I guess you had us all fooled! Keep that laundry clean and those little feet to the pavement sweetie! Your heading to the home stretch! Love and miss you! Mrs. Iris!

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