Sometimes you just have to laugh



Hi Everyone!
Two days ago we ran from Boulder,Co to Yuma Colorado which was a day filled with unexpected events. Leaving Boulder was so hard because it was such a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. We got so spoiled by the gorgeous views in both Wyoming and boulder that seeing corn fields again was a slight disappointment. It was a 13 mile day for everyone and we had made it through our first leg of miles before realizing that our vans tire had popped. Who knows how long we had been driving on a flat tire but the tire was pretty damaged. We were lucky to have 2 people in our van who were familiar with how to fix a flat tire and replaced it with a donut. However, it took an hour to put on the donut and then another hour to find a tire place that was open on the Sunday of 4th July weekend. We all gathered back into the van and drove back to boulder where we found a local firestone to fix the flat tire. They graciously donated there services and fixed our tire for free within an hour and we were on our way. The only downside was that it was now noon and it was 98 degrees in Colorado and we still had 10 more miles to run. However, we continued on with our next leg of miles until we noticed that the roads were now becoming unsafe. The shoulders were very narrow and cars were zipping by us.Our leader made the decision for all of us to get back into the vans and head to the host family and finish our miles in the neighborhood. As we are heading into Yuma, Colorado we drive through a very small place called Washington county where two lovely police officers pulled not one of our vans but both of them over. We pulled to the side of the road and explained what we were doing and that we didn’t see the 25 mph sign and that we were sorry for going 30 mph, after a long while of running our plates he let us go with a warning.
At this point it is 3 pm in the afternoon and we arrive at our host family to complete our mileage for the day and we began laughing at the ridiculous amount of obstacles that we had just faced. There really was nowhere to run in this small town of Yuma so we ended up doing laps around a cemetery down the street. As I am running, I am laughing at the fact that I am using a cemetery as a make shift track, but continue moving forward.
When we begin to run back to the church we notice a huge flock of bikers ride by us in all 4K gear. They smiled and cheered as they biked by and I realized that one of the cycle teams was staying in Yuma too! Not only were they passing through but they were staying the night at the same host as us. This church took on 65 of us… God bless them!
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet another 4k team and hear about there journey while eating a home cooked meal by the pastor of the church.
Even though it was a crazy day it was a good ending.
Then there was day 23 running from Yuma Colorado to Arapahoe, Nebraska, another crazy day. Once again the roads were unsafe so we had to try and find an alternate route to run. We had found these dirt back country roads that looked like the perfect option until we began to run on them for a half mile and found the entire road filled with mud. We were slipping and sliding everywhere. Since we could barely walk in the mud much less run our van got stuck in this giant mud pit. It was the thickest and heaviest mud I have ever experienced. We honestly just began laughing and taking pictures as we tried every way possible to push this 15 passenger van through a mud pit without having it fall into the ditch on either side of the road. We ended up pulling hay from the hayfield down the road and putting it down as traction to get the wheels moving and it was a success!!
Our team has gone through some crazy struggles but we end up laughing and creating some pretty great memories!
Tomorrow we head to Lawrence Kansas!!

Love and miss you all!!






5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to laugh

  1. Wow Leanne! The team has had their challenges. Keep safe and of course continue to have fun.
    The Gauthier family

  2. OMG you’re stories are something else! WOW you really had quite the two days. I sure hope the rest of your days aren’t as exciting. Keep up the good work and you look great. Be safe & we continue to pray for all of you! Love you, Aunt Debbie

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