Almost there!

Good morning!
This morning I am very thankful to be staying in a church in Rawlins, Wy! We were able to sleep in the pews which were so comfortable compared to the floor. It took sleeping in church to a whole new level. The pastor of this church is so wonderful and made us a homemade dinner last night and he woke up early this morning to make us a delicious breakfast. We are one day away from reaching the halfway point of our trip and we have already ran just under 2,000 miles! Personally I have been running on average 70 miles a week. I thank god everyday for keeping my body and my teammates healthy throughout this journey and I am happy to say that the worst I have experienced is some slight soreness. Today we will be running to one last stop in Wyoming before we hit Boulder, Co tomorrow for the 4th of July! The team has some great plans for tomorrow in Colorado so I will be sure to share the stories with you tomorrow night!
I love and miss you all!




2 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. 70 miles a week is incredible! Running will probably never be difficult for you again. Your a pro now! I can’t imagine sleeping on a church pew as being very comfortable, but I will take your word for it! Take care of yourself– you look skinny! Lol! Love you! Mrs. iris

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